Storksak Cabin Carry Bag

Hospital bag. Nappy bag. Baby travel bag. Hanging organiser. Kid’s first suitcase. Wheeled cabin bag for you. As a parent, at some point you will probably need one or two, if not all of these things. Instead of cluttering your life with one of each, or compromising on something that never quite does any of those jobs, why not buy the one bag that will do it all? The Storksak Cabin Carry Bag is this bag. It's stylish and well-made, in a range of colours that will work for dad, mum and little ones, so it can be shared or passed on (not that you’ll want to give it up). This bag can really do it all, but the ace up its sleeve is the internal compartment, which is great for keeping the bag organised, but can also be removed and used as a hanging shelving unit at your destination. 

Storksak £150