Rhinoshield Crashguard

If you have kids, at some point one of them will drop your phone. At another point they will cover your phone in god knows what, then one day probably just chuck it across the room. Watching on as such a precious (and expensive) gadget takes a pounding can be hard, but if you’ve installed a Rhinoshield Crashguard you’ll have a little more peace of mind. The Crashguard is like an evolved bumper case, made from a super tough custom formulated polymer that won’t add much bulk or weight. Believe us, from experience this case will protect your phone. And if you find your little one trying to chew through your Rhinoshield case (it will happen) you don’t need to panic, as it is certified food grade and safe for children. You may not like them doing what they do, but your precious will remain safe. Precious child as well as precious phone that is.

Rhinoshield $25