Coffee, because when you need it, you need it. Never more true then when you become a parent, sometimes that little hit of java can really get you through. Getting a good espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino or whatever your preference is not always easy when you’re on the go or travelling with kids. Now you really can bring that handmade barista flavour with you with a Nanopresso from Wacoco. Improving on their already popular Minipresso, we can testify that the new Nanopresso makes a damn fine coffee no matter your coffee skill level or expertise. Available with a barista attachment (which we recommend) for a bigger shot and making cappuccinos, etc as well as a Nespresso pod attachment for an even easier brew.

Nanopresso £69.99 (from Bear and Bear in the UK) or $79.90 direct from Wacaco