Cook in a book

Ever noticed how your kid will happily eat a mud ‘pie’ they’ve made in the garden or chow down on a play doh 'pancake', but once you put real food in front of them they turn their nose up? Some kids love food, some can be picky eaters, but once they become part of the cooking process your little chef will certainly be more willing to try their culinary creations over something that is just plonked down in front of them at the table. The clever ‘Cook in a book’ series from Phaidon is a great way to introduce your little kitchen helper to the fun that food has to offer. These interactive recipe books take you through the different steps of a recipe whilst allowing the kids to ‘do it themselves’ by using pull tabs, wheels, pop outs and flaps to complete the process, minus the mess! After these books they’ll be eager to move on to the real thing and hopefully eat the real thing too. We’ve featured the ‘Taco’ book here (because who doesn’t love tacos?) but pancakes and pizza are also available.

Bibs Pacifier

When it comes to baby products, tried and tested is often the best way to go. These classic Bibs pacifiers are certainly that and 30 years after these Danish designed dummies were created, their minimalist styling is right on trend especially in their current colourways. The round shape and small size mean they are perfect from newborn and naturally turn away from baby’s face to avoid irritating the skin. No fancy gadgets or gizmos here, but when something does the job, whilst being this stylish it’s hard to argue with a classic. 

Bibs Pacifier €4 (for 2)


Doddle & Co 'The Chew'

First from Doddle & Co came ‘The Pop’, now comes something that once you pop you will not be able to stop. Be honest, whenever something arrives packaged in bubble wrap, can you resist the temptation to pop a few bubbles? Whether this ends up being for you or your little one, the patented design teether gives you the chance to keep on popping or help your baby develop their fine motor skills whilst soothing their teething aches and pains. ‘The Chew’ which is available in sunshine or cloud variants is also brand new (and unfortunately not shipping to Europe yet) but get your big or little fingers on one of these soon, because we know we can’t resist.

Doddle & Co $10


Little Herbs Baby Balm

As a Dad, not every day is filled with smug parenting wins and unfortunately, the inevitable scourge that is nappy rash is sure to strike at some point. But we have two simple words for you…Little Herbs. Their organic and natural product range includes a Baby Balm for Nappy Rash and this is the one you need. This humble sounding balm, which is made in Somerset will be your new secret weapon. Using a magical blend of herbs, it is brilliant at banishing nappy rash and other skin irritations, whilst healing and protecting delicate skin (yes, including your own). So once you have your balm at the ready, you can be prepared, prepared to be smug.

Little Herbs £15


Oli & Carol

How do you get your kids to eat vegetables? And no, putting chocolate or ketchup on them doesn’t count. Being more adventurous with food can be a challenge, but we think we have found a fun way to start this process early. Barcelona based Oli and Carol may have come up with the best solution yet, with their fruits and veggies themed teethers, getting baby used to the idea of eating the likes of kale, broccoli, avocado and watermelon. It’s a novel idea, but even if it doesn’t get your little ones reaching for the greens, it’s a great looking, fun soother that should at least help ease the pains of teething. Oh and unlike some of it’s famous (long-necked) competitors these do not have any holes, so no fears of mold! (also, keeping it in the family check out their mother's washable kids rugs- Lorena Canals)

Oli & Carol €15


Uashmama Storage Bags

Kids make mess. Fact. Tidying up can seem like an endless task, as soon as one disaster zone is tackled, another appears. But there is hope, for you and your house…keep everything in order, but also in style with Uashmama washable paper bags. Created by the Marconi family from Tuscany, everyone of their products will bring a beautiful minimalist touch to your home, but their smart storage bags mean you can just chuck the toys in and it’ll look like you’ve had your house restyled by an interior designer. The bags are available in a range of sizes and on trend colours, so will fit any taste, but it’s also worth taking a look at their beautiful homewares too.

Uashmama €various


Najell Sleep Carrier

Scandinavians have been besting baby sleeping bags and carry cots for a while now and the Sleep Carrier from Swedish company Najell is no exception. Their ingenious design combines a unique safety tested sleeping bag/nest with baby carrier. If that wasn’t enough, the design also allows it to fold out and become a playmat once you reach your destination. With modern minimalist styling, every Dad will look good carrying one of these (expect questions and compliments) and being able to travel with a sleeping baby without having to transition them (wake them up), will feel like a big parenting win.

Najell €149-€159

Comotomo Baby Bottles

This may be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. No seriously, the difference between a bottle that works for your baby and one that doesn’t, could be as life-changing as buying the right car or the perfect house. There are so many bottles out there to choose from and you will try them all. A late-night dash to any shop that is open, that will sell you anything with an anti-burp valve will probably be to no avail, unless of course they have a Comotomo. Why Comotomo? They have managed to design a bottle that really does mimic breastfeeding, with its non-leaking dual air-vents to prevent colic, a wide-neck design for easy cleaning, and hygienic silicone material, they will allow for a pain-free transition to bottles. For dads this means we can be more involved in feeding, even from birth and for our daughter these were the only bottles she would use. They may seem a small purchase, but choosing these bottles and the quality time they give you with your baby, really will seem more important than MPGs or SQft, especially at 1am.

Comotomo direct £Various or Kidly (UK)


Smartmax 'Red Riding Hood'

Once upon a time...there was a low tech, no screen time game that kept your 4-8 year old entertained for hours on end whilst also developing their problem solving and logic skills. This puzzle is the follow on to Smartmax's award winning Three Little Pigs game and includes 48 different challenges, so sure to be used again and again (rather than the usual once a Christmas outing most games receive!). Smartgames also make a range of other puzzles and magnetic building toys. So with all the kids entertained for hours on end, with an educational toy at that, we all (especially the grown ups) lived happily ever after.

Smartgames £19.99



Lite Cup

Night light and sippy cup all in one. By day a non-spill cup for your child designed to create the most natural drinking experience possible and by night, a light providing comfort as well as no more calling out for water, meaning you sleep longer. Well this was the case with our daughter, who’s ‘magical fairy water’ has saved us from many a night time trauma. Available for £9.99-11.99, a small price to pay for a restful night. Made in multiple sizes to suit your baby/toddler/big kid.

Gray Label

If you want children’s clothing with minimalist styling that will last, you can’t go wrong with Amsterdam based kids wear atelier Gray Label. Designed by Emily Gray out of a need to bring simplicity to the world of children’s fashion and create pieces that allow young people’s personality to shine through, rather than letting their outfits do all the talking. Everything is 100% organic and designed to bring simplicity to your family’s wardrobe (and life?). Most of their lines are unisex and come in a range of colours that will work with each other, meaning mixing and matching to create an outfit is fool-proof. We especially love their playsuits, tank suits and salopettes, which are as comfortable as they are versatile. They have also just started doing a range of bed linens, so they really have got you covered.

Gray Label (£various)


Doddle & Co

The cleaner pacifier. Two mums, both award winning designers may have finally cracked the age old problem of how to keep a pacifier (dummy) clean. The clever design means that when baby stops sucking and 'The Pop' drops, the teat part of the pacifier automatically pops back in, so no clean up required. And when baby needs its pacifier right back, this could be a godsend. Available in several colours, Doddle & Co also make teethers to compliment.

Doddle & Co ($9.99)



Babyzen Yoyo+

This stroller will take you and your little one(s) anywhere. Small enough for an airplane overhead locker, sturdy enough for day-to-day, maybe one stroller can do it all. Designed in France, this stroller is suitable from newborn (with additional nest) and can be used with a range of car seats. Multiple colour packs are available, but we are partial to the ginger and peppermint varieties (no not tea).

Babyzen (£369)