BabyHub SleepSpace

We love multi-use products, not only because of their great value, but also being able to adapt on the fly is essential with kids especially when you’re travelling. The Baby Hub Sleep Space is one of those great products, that is not only a travel cot and baby play room, but also converts into a teepee once your child grows bigger. It opens and closes in one easy movement, making it super easy to get back into the provided carry bag. Packed inside you’ll find everything you need for all of its functions plus a handy mosquito net cover, meaning you can take this innovative product with you anywhere.

Banale Omni Pillow

Have you ever tried to bring your pillow with you when you travelled? Be the very least those terrible half-filled hotel pillows have at least made you consider it. Well now you don’t even have to entertain the idea of trying to jam a pillow into your suitcase, as the clever guys at Italian design company Banale have invented the Omni. What starts out as a memory foam neck or double travel pillow, also unfolds to become a full-size pillow topper, meaning no more uncomfortable journeys or nights away. It comes in a water resistant shell and with its clever ability to transform, is ready for any sleep situation (with kids, that may even end up being at home). After a successful Kickstarter campaign, it is now available in the UK from Bear and Bear.

Omni Pillow £69


Mountain Buggy Bagrider

Cabin bag or stroller? Cabin bag or stroller? No space or free hands for both, so which to take? How about no compromise? How about bring both, in one? New Zealand based Mountain Buggy heard every parent's travel dilemna and found a solution, the Bagrider. This innovative product combines a two-wheeled 35l cabin friendly suitcase with a four-wheeled travel seat for toddlers up to 15kg/33lbs. There's a cushioned seat liner with a fully adjustable 5-point safety harness, meaning you can zip through the airport, whilst your little one can travel in safety and comfort. With this travel hack in play, the only question left now is, when will they make an adult version for you to be wheeled around on?

Mountain Buggy £99

Vaggaro One

Travelling with kids can sometimes make you feel like a cart horse. Let’s face it, those little people require so many things when you’re on the road that you end up strapped down with a million baby things, whilst you’re lucky to have fit in a change of underwear for yourself. Babies need a high chair, a place to nap, a bouncer, a baby seat, the list goes on. But what if there was a product that was all of these things, combined into one beautifully made, stylish travel sized package. Swedish designers Vaggaro have achieved this and their modular foldable furniture is every father’s new favourite travel-companion. And getting one of these might mean you can even pack a second pair of pants too.

Vaggaro €360


Bax and Bay Cub Changing Bag

What do you need when you’re out and about with baby? Changing bag, feeding pillow and baby carrier (support), sound about right? Want them all in one? Then get a Bax and Bay Cub bag. It performs all these three function, whilst also being stylish and available in a range of colours and fabrics (we like the grey faux suede or indigo linen blend for guys). These bags are made in Scotland and come with a foldable changing mat, removable insulated bottle bag and stroller friendly strap. You really couldn’t ask for anything more from a changing bag and to top it off, right now they are on sale direct from Bax and Bay who'll also donate a % of their sales to charity.

Bax and Bay £30-45 (on sale)


Storksak Cabin Carry Bag

Hospital bag. Nappy bag. Baby travel bag. Hanging organiser. Kid’s first suitcase. Wheeled cabin bag for you. As a parent, at some point you will probably need one or two, if not all of these things. Instead of cluttering your life with one of each, or compromising on something that never quite does any of those jobs, why not buy the one bag that will do it all? The Storksak Cabin Carry Bag is this bag. It's stylish and well-made, in a range of colours that will work for dad, mum and little ones, so it can be shared or passed on (not that you’ll want to give it up). This bag can really do it all, but the ace up its sleeve is the internal compartment, which is great for keeping the bag organised, but can also be removed and used as a hanging shelving unit at your destination. 

Storksak £150

Sony WH-1000XM2

No, these noise cancelling headphones are not necessarily designed for drowning out all the chaos in your life (read screaming kids), though finding some moments of peace and serenity can't hurt. These Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones aren't totally brand new, but they are the best in a very crowded field. You may find others with slightly better sound (Bowers & Wilkins PX) or a touch more comfort (Bose QC35 II) but you'll find these Sonys the perfect all-rounder. Simple setup and touch sensitive ear pad controls, with deeper adjustment available through an IOS or Android app. 30 hours battery life, auto pressure and noise cancelling adjustment to suit your situation, mean you can find tranquility wherever you are and whatever is around you...even at home. 

Sony £330   

note: these headphones are now widely available for under the RRP and it's also worth keeping an eye out for open box and refurb deals.


Najell Sleep Carrier

Scandinavians have been besting baby sleeping bags and carry cots for a while now and the Sleep Carrier from Swedish company Najell is no exception. Their ingenious design combines a unique safety tested sleeping bag/nest with baby carrier. If that wasn’t enough, the design also allows it to fold out and become a playmat once you reach your destination. With modern minimalist styling, every Dad will look good carrying one of these (expect questions and compliments) and being able to travel with a sleeping baby without having to transition them (wake them up), will feel like a big parenting win.

Najell €149-€159

Babyzen Yoyo+

This stroller will take you and your little one(s) anywhere. Small enough for an airplane overhead locker, sturdy enough for day-to-day, maybe one stroller can do it all. Designed in France, this stroller is suitable from newborn (with additional nest) and can be used with a range of car seats. Multiple colour packs are available, but we are partial to the ginger and peppermint varieties (no not tea).

Babyzen (£369)