Lotus Grill

Sometimes you just can’t beat cooking on a BBQ. What you can beat however, is the set up and cleaning involved in barbecuing. Our favourite barbecue and one that simplifies the whole outdoor cooking process is the Lotus Grill. This German designed beauty is available in a range of colours and sizes to suit, but it’s standout features are that the Grill can be ready to cook in under 5mins thanks to an in built battery operated fan (this is true, we’ve tested) and because of its modular construction can easily be taken apart to be cleaned. Added to this the fact that most sizes are portable and come complete with a carry bag, you can be ready to bbq anywhere, anytime, fast. We recommend the XL for families and even this size is easily stored away when not in use (in the UK that’ll be most of the year then?)

Rhinoshield Crashguard

If you have kids, at some point one of them will drop your phone. At another point they will cover your phone in god knows what, then one day probably just chuck it across the room. Watching on as such a precious (and expensive) gadget takes a pounding can be hard, but if you’ve installed a Rhinoshield Crashguard you’ll have a little more peace of mind. The Crashguard is like an evolved bumper case, made from a super tough custom formulated polymer that won’t add much bulk or weight. Believe us, from experience this case will protect your phone. And if you find your little one trying to chew through your Rhinoshield case (it will happen) you don’t need to panic, as it is certified food grade and safe for children. You may not like them doing what they do, but your precious will remain safe. Precious child as well as precious phone that is.

Rhinoshield $25


The Ordinary Skincare

It can be hard to find the time for some things. Kids can force you to prioritise and grooming can slip down the pecking order, so you have to keep things as simple as possible. Simple can sometimes mean ordinary but in the case of your skincare, ordinary can actually be best. Well in the case of The Ordinary and their range of skincare products that is. 'Clinical formulations with integrity' is how they describe their extensive range of creams, serums and oils, which avoid all of the usual fluff and branding that gets in the way of finding products that just work. This stripped back approach means not only do they focus on bringing you high-quality, but prices are kept right down too. So go for The Ordinary to keep your grooming routine time and cost-effective, without compromising on your skincare. Their website will even help you find the best product combo for your needs.

The Ordinary- £various


Trove Wallet

As everything moves towards a cashless system, its time to free up some valuable EDC real estate. Especially as we get into shorts wearing weather, when no one wants to be walking around with an unsightly pocket bulge. However, we’re not quite out of the wallet woods yet and there are still times where cash is king or you need to use a card. Trove is our favourite minimalist wallet and for such a small footprint you can fit in a lot. They are handcrafted in England and their clever combo of Italian elastic and full grain leather combine to create 3 separate pockets for all of your cards and cash. Add to that its party trick of transforming into a phone stand and you may have found not just a way to streamline your shorts, but an all year round wallet solution.

Trove £30


Gerber Dime

As a dad you should always be prepared, right? Well at the very least, prepared to tackle your latest Amazon delivery. You really don’t want to be getting into a wrestling match (and losing) in front of your kids, with the impenetrable packaging that all toys seem to be trapped in these days. Step in the pocket dynamo that is the Gerber Dime. At 8cm long, it is probably the smallest multi-tool around and Gerber have managed to pack in 12 different tools, meaning you will always have the right one at hand. The solid stainless steel construction means the Dime should stand up to most small or on the fly tasks and it is available in several different colours so will look good on the go too.  And don’t forget the included unique cutting blade that is designed to safely cut and score all forms of packaging, so dad will always be a box-opening hero.


Sony WH-1000XM2

No, these noise cancelling headphones are not necessarily designed for drowning out all the chaos in your life (read screaming kids), though finding some moments of peace and serenity can't hurt. These Sony Wireless Noise Cancelling headphones aren't totally brand new, but they are the best in a very crowded field. You may find others with slightly better sound (Bowers & Wilkins PX) or a touch more comfort (Bose QC35 II) but you'll find these Sonys the perfect all-rounder. Simple setup and touch sensitive ear pad controls, with deeper adjustment available through an IOS or Android app. 30 hours battery life, auto pressure and noise cancelling adjustment to suit your situation, mean you can find tranquility wherever you are and whatever is around you...even at home. 


Coffee, because when you need it, you need it. Never more true then when you become a parent, sometimes that little hit of java can really get you through. Getting a good espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino or whatever your preference is not always easy when you’re on the go or travelling with kids. Now you really can bring that handmade barista flavour with you with a Nanopresso from Wacoco. Improving on their already popular Minipresso, we can testify that the new Nanopresso makes a damn fine coffee no matter your coffee skill level or expertise. Available with a barista attachment (which we recommend) for a bigger shot and making cappuccinos, etc as well as a Nespresso pod attachment for an even easier brew.

Nanopresso £69.99 (from Bear and Bear in the UK) or $79.90 direct from Wacaco



Nezumi Corbeau

Stockholm based Nezumi Studios are making some of the best looking watches under €400. The Corbeau is their military inspired chronograph, but it's also worth checking out their vintage rally inspired options for a slightly dressier look.

Nezumi (£Various)