Ebbets Field Vintage Caps

Whether it’s rain or shine or just a bad hair day, a baseball cap can rescue you in so many situations. The Mid-century Americana styling sported by Ebbets Field Vintage, instantly turns their caps from ‘Dad style’ to fashion forward. Wear any item from their range and the craftsmanship will make you feel like you’ve stepped back to a time where everything was made to last. All of the headwear and clothing they make is handcrafted and timeless so no upgrades necessary, unless of course a family member (permanently) borrows your hat (and they will) meaning having to pick another beauty from their array of different teams and styles. We especially love the ‘Trucker’ style mesh hats for spring/summer as they are slightly cooler... IF you can get your hands on one, as all Ebbets Field products are popular so they don’t hang around.

Ebbets Field £65