Cook in a book

Ever noticed how your kid will happily eat a mud ‘pie’ they’ve made in the garden or chow down on a play doh 'pancake', but once you put real food in front of them they turn their nose up? Some kids love food, some can be picky eaters, but once they become part of the cooking process your little chef will certainly be more willing to try their culinary creations over something that is just plonked down in front of them at the table. The clever ‘Cook in a book’ series from Phaidon is a great way to introduce your little kitchen helper to the fun that food has to offer. These interactive recipe books take you through the different steps of a recipe whilst allowing the kids to ‘do it themselves’ by using pull tabs, wheels, pop outs and flaps to complete the process, minus the mess! After these books they’ll be eager to move on to the real thing and hopefully eat the real thing too. We’ve featured the ‘Taco’ book here (because who doesn’t love tacos?) but pancakes and pizza are also available.