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Comotomo Baby Bottles

This may be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. No seriously, the difference between a bottle that works for your baby and one that doesn’t, could be as life-changing as buying the right car or the perfect house. There are so many bottles out there to choose from and you will try them all. A late-night dash to any shop that is open, that will sell you anything with an anti-burp valve will probably be to no avail, unless of course they have a Comotomo. Why Comotomo? They have managed to design a bottle that really does mimic breastfeeding, with its non-leaking dual air-vents to prevent colic, a wide-neck design for easy cleaning, and hygienic silicone material, they will allow for a pain-free transition to bottles. For dads this means we can be more involved in feeding, even from birth and for our daughter these were the only bottles she would use. They may seem a small purchase, but choosing these bottles and the quality time they give you with your baby, really will seem more important than MPGs or SQft, especially at 1am.

Comotomo direct £Various or Kidly (UK)