Bread & Boxers Hoodie

Simple is best. Life can be complicated (especially with kids) and sometimes you just need to be able to put something on that is comfortable, looks good and will get you there, no matter your adventure. But simplicity doesn’t have to mean a lack of style or substance, as Swedish designer Bread and Boxers have proven. Originally designed by Henrik Lundqvist as an extension of the hotel mini bar to rescue travellers who had packed a little too light, this brand has now evolved into a go to for high quality basics. Their whole range is classic and refined with just the right level of styling and no unnecessary detailing, but we especially love their hoodies. Pair them with pretty much anything for a laid back style in soft yet hard wearing fabrics, that travel well too. In a world with so many perplexing choices to make, just keep it simple (stupid).

Bread & Boxers €69.95